Pera Bamboo Solid Towel does not only have bamboo products for babies and adults. Among the towel models produced by using 100% fabric, there are also towels and patterns in the colors of young ladies and young men in which special design bamboo towels are included.

She adorns the bathrooms as cotton towels with colors such as anthracite, earrings, blue, turquoise, powder, stone cream, sage green, light brown.

If you are a bamboo sheets collector or you love the softness of bamboo towels, you should definitely buy one of the bamboo solid towel models in different colors. To color the decoration of your bathroom, to have a dazzling towel cabinet with the zaref4eti you must click on and look at the bamboo towel models.

Bamboo solid towel models are featured in towels with antibacterial properties with frequent weaving properties. In addition to the durability of the towels for many years with frequent weaving in the absence of fading in the colors of the bathroom for many years with the colorful towels are provided with the possibility of having a bath.